Saitama Sport Commission was commissioned by Sports Agency’s “Creating Global Content Project through Sports”, and we are recruiting the participants living in Japan for the one day trip which you can experience some urban sports in the project “URBAN SPORTS SAITAMA” and go sight seeing in Saitama City.


Please apply who are interested in this project!



■Date / 開催日

Friday(National Foundation Day), February 11th, 2022 / 2022年2月11日(金・祝)

■Meeting time & spot / 集合時間&場所

 9:45 Saitama Shintoshin Bus Termianl / 9:45 さいたま新都心バスターミナル

■Itinerary / 行程

Saitama Shintoshin Bus Terminal(9:45am Gather yourself) / Urban Sports Saitama (Experience : approx. 50 minutes)==Omiya Railway Museum (Observation & Lunch : approx. 150 minutes)==Omiya Bonsai Museum (Observation:approx. 60 minutes)==Omiya Station (Disperse at around 16:00)

さいたま新都心バスターミナル(9:45各自集合)/ アバスポさいたま(アーバンスポーツ体験:約50分)==大宮鉄道博物館(拝観&昼食:約150分)==大宮盆栽美術館(拝観:約60分)==大宮駅(解散16:00頃)

■Eligible People / 参加対象

Foreigners living in Japan (max 30 ppl) / 日本在住外国人(定員30名)

※Eligible for experiencing urban sports will be 5 years old and above.


■Eligible Conditions / 参加条件

To cooperate answering two surveys(On the tour day and After the tour)


■Fee / 参加費

Free / 無料

※Lunch at Omiya Railway Museum will be borne by the participants.


※The travel costs to meeting spot and to your home will be borne by the participants.


■How to apply / 申込方法

You can apply from the apply form HERE. / 申込フォームこちらよりお申込みできます。

※This will be the first-come-first-served. / 申込は先着順となります。

※The application will be completed as you receive the approval email from the secretariat.


※We may decline your application depending on the timing of your application due to the first-come-first-served basis.


■Other / その他

・Please report your temperature in the morning on that day and how you feel, etc.


・Please wear a mask and spray the hand sanitizer.


・The chartered bus will be reserved seats with distances between seats.


・We might turn in your personal information such as your name, address, phone number when an infectious disease occurs to deal with it quickly.


・We are planning to have BMX, Skateboarding, Inlineskating, Dance, etc. as the experiencing program.


・The venue for experiencing urban sports will be changed to another venue on a bad weather, and we will take you all to that another venue then.


・It may be cancelled depending on the future situation of the new coronavirus infection.


■Dead line / 申込締切

 Monday, January 31st, 2022 / 2022年1月31日(月)まで

■Inquiry / お問い合わせ先

 Saitama Sport Commission  Business Planning Division / 一般社団法人さいたまスポーツコミッション 事業企画課

 E-mail URL

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