Chairman: Hayato Shimizu (Mayor of Saitama City)

Saitama Sport Commission

Chairman: Hayato Shimizu (Mayor of Saitama City)

Why don’t you hold a sport event in our city, Saitama City?

We have some good facilities for national or international tournaments such as Saitama Stadium 2002, Urawa Komaba Stadium, NACK5 Stadium Omiya, Saitama Super Arena, SAIDEN CHEMICAL ARENA(Saitama City Memorial Gymnasium) and other facilities.

Saitama Sport Commission help organizers with warm hospitality to find a venue or publicize your event etc. when you hold a sport event in Saitama City. So please feel free to contact us.

We support organizers to ensure the success of your events.

What is the Saitama Sport Commission?

The Saitama Sport Commission is an organization which was formed to promote local sports and revitalize the local economy by making optimal use of the sports resources and unique tourist attractions in Saitama City and the surrounding areas to attract sports related events such as tournaments.

Serving as an “engine for revitalizing the local economy through sports”, the SSC comprises organizations involved with sports, the economy and tourism as well as governmental agencies, and is administered by the Saitama Tourism and International Relations Bureau.

Advantages of holding Sports Events in Saitama City

Superb access to transportation

  • ・Just 30 minutes from Tokyo!
  • ・A transport hub for East Japan with 5 Shinkansen lines, including the Tohoku and Joetsu lines, private railways and many Japan Railway (JR) lines!
  • ・Eighty minutes by Airport Limousine from the Tokyo International Airport and 120 minutes by Airport Limousine from the Narita International Airport!
  • ・Located near the Center of the Kanto Plain with excellent accessibility by cars!


Facilities which cater to a variety of needs

  • ・The Saitama Super Arena: one of the world’s top ranking event venues!
    Saitama Super Arena Saitama Super Arena
  • ・3 soccer stadium venues of J1 league standard; the Saitama Stadium 2002, largest in Japan and Asia, the NACK5 Stadium Omiya and Urawa Komaba Stadium!
    Saitama Stadium 2002 NACK5 Stadium Komaba Stadium
  • ・The Saitama Prefectural Omiya Park Baseball Stadium (site for Pro Baseball’s Pacific League games) and The Saitama Municipal Omiya Baseball Stadium (site for Pro Baseball’s Eastern League games)!
    Saitama Prefectural Omiya Park Baseball Stadium Saitama Municipal Omiya Baseball Stadium
  • ・Saitama City has 8 fully equipped gymnasiums, including the Saitama City Memorial Gymnasium (Saiden Chemical Arena) whose main arena has an area of 2590㎡ and a seating capacity of up to 3000!
    Saitama City Memorial Gymnasium Saitama City Memorial Gymnasium
  • ・Arakawa Comprehensive Sports Park and Akigase Park: spacious, verdant sports parks located along the Arakawa river!
    Arakawa Comprehensive Sports Park  Akigase Park

Support of the Saitama Sports Commission

  • ・We provide information on sports facilities and assist you in making reservations which would otherwise be difficult to make.
  • ・We provide subsidies for sports events held in Saitama City according to the scale of the event and our budget.
  • ・We provide personnel to assist with the running of the event, through volunteer organizations.
  • ・We will assist with procedures for obtaining permits or licenses needed for sports and other events.
  • ・We introduce accommodation facilities, food and drink establishments and other necessary service providers.
  • ・We provide information on tourist spots and make arrangements with sightseeing facilities.
  • ・We introduce event venues such as sports facilities and furnish photographs for use in printed materials.
  • ・We assist with PR for sports and other events.
  • ・We offer advice about holding sports and other events.

Fascinating Sightseeing Options

  • ・The Railway Museum
    Enjoy yourself while learning about the mechanism of Japanese railways, the history and much more.
    Railway Museum
  • ・ The Omiya Bonsai Village / The Omiya Bonsai Art Museum
    Saitama City is a world renowned Bonsai Mecca visited by many bonsai fans the world over. Please relax and enjoy the many famous bonsai masterpieces.
    Omiya Bonsai Village Omiya Bonsai Art Museum
  • ・Musashi Ichinomiya Hikawa Shrine
    The head shrine of the Hikawa Shrines throughout the Kanto region, Musashi Ichinomiya is said to have a 2000-year history. Every New Year the shrine bustles with people who make their “hatsumoude” or first shrine visit.
    Musashi Ichinomiya Hikawa Shrine
  • ・Urawa Eel (Unagi)
    Urawa is said to be the birthplace of Unagi-no-Kabayaki, eel dipped and broiled in a soy-based sauce. Treat yourself to this Urawa Unagi which has been handed down from the Edo era.
    Urawa Eel (Unagi)
  • ・Doll Town Iwatsuki
    In Iwatsuki, the largest doll producing area in Japan, you can experience doll making or purchase the Edo Kimekomi Doll or Iwatsuki Doll, which have been designated traditional crafts by the national government.
    Doll Town Iwatsuki
  • ・If you stretch your legs a bit further…
    You can also enjoy nearby Kawagoe, known as “Little Edo”, or Chichibu and Nagatoro, which are both rich in natural beauty.
    Kawagoe Chichibu and Nagatoro


Saitama Tourism and International Relations Bureau (person in charge of Sports Commission Operations)
3rd floor, JACK Omiya, 682-2 Nishiki-cho, Omiya Ward, Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture, Japan 330-0853
Tel. +81-48-647-0120; Fax +81-48-647-0116


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